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About Us

Welcome to the Qineticare family…

Built on a Wake-Up Call: Feisal Alibhai’s Story

Meet Our Team


Dr. D

Functional Medicine Head

Jasmin Blunck

Health Coach

Dr. Michel Golay

Autonomic Nervous System Head

Dr. Mickra Hamilton

Genomics and Epigenetics Head

Mental & Emotional

Alexander Love

Development Head

Anisa Carim

Life Fulfillment Head

Jonathan Cave

Alignment Head

Natalie Lascelles

Psychological Integration Head

Stephen Altair

Clarity Head


Danette Fenton-Menzies

Family Dynamics Co-Head

Grahame Gerstenberg

Family Dynamics Co-Head

Jill Thomas

Relationship Head

Kathleen O’hara

Mental & Emotional Head

Ronald Alexander

Mindful Leadership Head

Christine Gagnon

Communications Head


Almudena Gonzales

Wellbeing Head

Feisal Alibhai

Founder and Integrative Head

Fionn Wright

Wellbeing Head

Jaimy Kwong

Service Head

Trish Robson

Head Private Health