our principles

At the center of our business is a set of core principles, which also serve as benchmarks for our unique practice.

Thinking and acting independently, ethically, and transparently

We are a wholly objective and independent family health office, committed to operating ethically and with complete transparency. We have no financial links or any institutional loyalties.

Excelling in all we do

We thrive because we excel in every aspect of proactive healthcare and the advancement of wellbeing. We are dedicated to providing timely access and support to ensure wellbeing and peace of mind for you and your family.

Building an enduring, remarkable Family Health Office

Our goal is to transform health management for the benefit of people everywhere. To fulfil this purpose, we will ensure that our processes and culture consistently support innovation, excellence, and above all reliability.


We channel 20% of our profit before taxes to the Qineticare Foundation, an initiative that focuses on charities and community projects for the purpose of bringing better health prevention and wellbeing to those with limited access or means.

Integrated care under one roof.

Sustaining future generations starts with caring for the health & wellbeing of your family now.

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