Celebrities and Beyond Medical

Derek, Stanley and Simone are all well-known celebrities.  I’ve changed their names to protect their privacy.


Derek was 21-years old when he nearly died in a car accident.  He was permanently disfigured.  He was already at the top of his game in terms of his career.  After his accident he became increasingly depressed and turned to alcohol and drugs.  The medical doctors repaired his body the best they could.  Traditional therapists could not repair the depression he was experiencing after his accident.  In Derek’s mind, his entire purpose for living was gone.

Stanley was approaching 50-years old.  He had achieved everything he could achieve in his career.  His professional legacy was impeccable.  Stanley also had a degenerative medical condition that he kept mostly to himself.  His net worth was approaching $1 billion, so accessing the best medical professionals in the world wasn’t the challenge.  What he couldn’t find from any of the medical doctors was something to give him inner peace.

Simone was also at the top of her professional career.  Like Derek and Stanley, she had cemented her professional legacy.  She had nothing more to prove in her profession.  At the pinnacle of her career she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Even with the best medical care in the world, doctors were less than optimistic about her odds of surviving.  Simone was devastated.  For the first time in her life she felt totally helpless.

What Simone, Derek, and Stanley all had in common were two things:

  1. They had nearly unlimited financial resources to access to the best medical professionals on planet earth, and
  2. They realized that those medical professionals alone were not enough to get them through their medical challenges.

They had one more thing in common…

They all were put in contact with a “spiritual” teacher from India who had spent twenty years travelling around the world helping people dissolve their emotional suffering.

Before we go on, it’s important to understand the difference between emotional suffering, and emotional pain.

Emotional pain is our natural reaction to a reality that does not line up with what we want.  Emotional suffering is when we can’t move out of the pain and live in almost constant fear, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, depression or any other emotions that keep us stuck where we’re at and prevent us from moving forward to where we want to be.

In my personal experience, the physical pain and suffering is only one of the challenges that must be overcome. 

An unexpected cancer diagnosis, or accident, or any other medical situation often brings with it a tremendous wave of uncertainty and emotional shock.  In time, those with financial resources may eventually find highly reputable medical doctors to cure their physical challenges.

But they still may be left with the emotional suffering that comes with their world being turned upside down.  Their future is not in their control.  For maybe the first time since they were teenagers they are faced with a tremendous amount of uncertainty in their lives.  This uncertainty about the future leads to emotional suffering.  And the emotional suffering makes physical healing and recovery much more difficult.

Unfortunately, our culture is not well-versed in teaching us how to prevent and eliminate emotional suffering.  And even worse, when we are in a place of emotional suffering, it is very difficult to have clarity to make life-and-death decisions about medical treatments.  That’s why those who have access to the best medical doctors in the world also seek “beyond medical” solutions to help them deal with the emotional suffering that is often a consequence of their medical diagnosis.

Derek, Simone, and Stanley were very fortunate, and very smart, to seek out one of the best “beyond medical” practitioners in the world.

He shared with them how their emotional suffering was not in the fact of their medical situations, but in the meaning they gave to the facts.  He got them to focus on, and experience, the reality of the situation – to embrace it – rather than resist it.  This gave them the trust, calmness and clarity to move forward into their futures making the best medical decisions possible, head and heart united.

Derek realized his disfiguring injury from the car accident didn’t have to mean the end of his career.  He made adjustments, and is STILL going strong 30 years after his accident.  Stanley realized that his life was his legacy, and that just being himself was all he had to do.  Simone recovered from the cancer and began to focus her life on helping others do the same – while continuing her extraordinary influence in her profession.

All three not only recovered from their medical situations – they went on to live much more meaningful lives because of the emotional healing they experienced with the help of their “beyond medical” practices.

This is why our Qineticare Family Health Office model is built on three equal pillars – medical, beyond medical, and family dynamics.

The medical doctors can heal the body, but it often takes much more to heal and unite the mind and the soul.  Physical healing is not enough if emotional and psychological trauma remains.

Helping our families through the medical, family dynamics, and “beyond medical” aspects of their recovery is the most rewarding thing we do at Qineticare.  It’s why I started Qineticare – so you can have as much as possible done for you in all three areas to optimize your entire family’s health and wellbeing.

If you would like us to help you and your family, click here so you can tell us about your situation.

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With gratitude and love,

feisal alibhai
Founder & CEO, Qineticare
Author, Four Steps to Flow