The patriarch of a large family business had a history of cardiovascular disease. When he called complaining of chest discomfort after increased levels of activity, as well as heartburn, Qineticare arranged for him to see two separate specialists—a gastroenterologist and a cardiologist in Dubai. The gastroenterologist detected a number of ulcers, which he immediately began treating.

Additionally, an exercise stress test revealed ischemic changes would be the next step in investigating the condition. When the gentleman did in fact start experiencing chest pain, a medical review was sought in Hong Kong by the gentleman’s cardiologist, who previously had treated him with stenting.

Knowing that this cardiologist was experienced in treating unusual rare anatomical coronary artery blockages, the gentleman returned to Hong Kong for treatment. There was an almost eighty-percent blockage in the suspected rare location, to which a stent was applied.

Upon further review, it was discovered that stress due to various life challenges exacerbated his condition. Our life coach facilitated a protocol focused on mental and emotional wellbeing. The integration of both resulted in alleviating his gastrointestinal issues.

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