While away on the African continent, Feisal Alibhai received a call from a client about his wife in her mid-30s with two very young children who had been rushed to hospital and undergone emergency colon surgery. This young mother had no medical or family history of colon cancer.

Following the surgery, Qineticare’s team arranged for the appropriate oncologist in Dubai to handle the next phase of her treatment including a second opinion in Hong Kong. The patient received chemotherapy treatment in the UK and Dubai while being supported by the Qineticare team.

In addition to medical treatment, the woman and her spouse also began a program of internal healing, which included reading selected books, yoga, mind training, Ayurvedic treatment, intuitive healing, and life coaching. Feisal Alibhai spent considerable time sharing his personal experience of recovery from cancer which helped the couple to find motivation, hope, and energy to recover.

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