My experience with Qineticare has been life-changing and humbling.

Our journey started in 2011 when my mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Previously, she had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. We were all disillusioned, exhausted and in despair by the cancer – how it affected her and the rest of the family. Hearing her cancer was back a year later was truly devastating for all of us.

At a time when we felt lost and overwhelmed, what we needed most was someone who could help us ask the right questions and follow through with the appropriate treatments and tests. This is where Qineticare helped us truly; their expertise was invaluable and provided us with a sense of much-needed clarity.

Qineticare helped us find the right oncologist, radiologists, and expert medical-care advisers within a matter of hours. I will never forget the amount of time and concern these kind people put in for a lady they didn’t even know.

When I was at one of the lowest ebbs in my life, the generosity and dedication of the Qineticare team restored my faith in humanity.

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