our functional medicine and integrative wellbeing approach

As your global family health office, Qineticare helps you achieve the safety, vitality, and connection that your entire family truly desires.

With health and wellbeing as the foundation, our model of a multi-family health office supports your unique medical, beyond-medical, and family-dynamic needs.

When we work together, our team advises, builds, and manages your family’s strategy to enable each member to be safe and supported, to live with vitality and purpose, and to share in authentic, heartfelt connection.

Each pillar is a doorway to create the life and legacy that you desire.


Safety 24/7/365 globally:

Modern medicine is increasingly complex, confusing, and challenging. Qineticare is here for you when and where you need assistance most. We connect you to the finest professionals and help you navigate the medical system as simply, quickly, and easily as possible.

Key benefits:

    Qineticare’s health advisors are your advocates, providing coordinated care 24/7. Each family is supported by our team of private nurse, healthcare coordinator, medical researcher, personal coach, and client service specialist. By selecting from the finest medical and wellbeing professionals through our extensive unbiased evaluation process, we build your Dream Team of experts who provide exceptional care for you and your family. Our proactive, professional, and personalised approach ensures you a First Class healthcare experience.
    Your journey begins with a bespoke assessment for you to gain an in-depth understanding of yourself. Where do I come from? How did I get here? Where do I stand today? and Where am I going? The answers, coupled with our predictive analytics, will form the basis of your Health Profile and Health Inventory. We review your clinical, genetic, and lifestyle data to establish your Health Baseline, which will act as a roadmap for health-cycle management and wellbeing optimisation.
    Timely access to the right healthcare professionals can drastically improve your health outcome. Our extensive database of 4,000+ physicians represent 200+ medical specialties and sub-specialties with centers of excellence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, London, and the U.S. Not only do we help ensure your prompt access to the doctors, eliminating unnecessary or unhelpful visits, we help doctors get prepared and gain unprecedented visibility to ensure the best outcome. Our long-term working relationship with the best-in-class physicians brings personalised attention to you. We are 100% independent, without any financial or institutional linkage to any healthcare providers.
    We digitalise, organise, and maintain your medical information via a secure, encrypted server that can be accessed anywhere, empowering you to provide immediate access to any medical practitioner you nominate. The days of bringing a stuffed document folder to your appointment, worried you may have forgotten something important, are a thing of the past. With our universal records, doctors have complete access to the entirety of your medical records and history with no waiting and no hassle.
    We provide objective and independent medical research and education in regards to specific health issues and treatment options. Chances are, whatever health questions you have, there is information to be found. The key is knowing which information to trust. We keep you well-informed by continually combing through peer-reviewed scholarly journals and trusted organisations. The result of this screening process is a wealth of reliable data that you know you can trust.
    We offer international medical assistance, providing solutions to help you wherever you live or travel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One call puts you in touch with emergency doctors, nurses, logistics coordinators, and security teams. This comprehensive service ranges from facilitating doctor access to emergency medical care. In a non-emergency situation, your Qineticare team provides travel support by preparing you with information about necessary vaccination and healthcare resources at your travel destination.


Vitality to live with purpose:

Treating only symptoms is like layering band-aid after band-aid on a wound that never heals. Qineticare helps you discover and repair the root causes of your issues, which creates positive ripple effects through your life as well as through generations to come.

Low energy levels and lack of self-care could add up over time to create a health crisis. In order to prevent future illness, we help you revitalize the fundamentals of living that are essential to your health and purpose.

Key areas we address and the benefits:

A bespoke plan is tailored for you to achieve maximum balance of your fundamentals of living and is delivered through extensive assessment, innovative lab testing, one-on-one coaching and guidance. We work with renowned experts in each field to optimize your:

    Through nutrigenomic testing and/or naturopathic assessment, you will unlock an in-depth understanding of the genetic variants associated with nutrition. Our world-renowned coaching expert will review and design a tailor-made program just for you.
    Know exactly what type of exercise works for your body. Whether your goal is for high performance or recovery, a private trainer helps you create a personalised movement plan for the best, most efficient results.
    Our customised sleep program provides practical and powerful tools and resources designed to improve your sleep quality. You will gain a deep understanding how your behaviours and thoughts affect your sleep, which in turn affects your mood, health, and at times, family life.
    Through one-on-one practice with world class mind trainers, you will develop inner health and wellbeing through the cultivation of attentional, cognitive, emotional, and motivational balance.
    Our coaches will help you shift established thinking and patterns of behaviour through introspection and authentic sharing. Through family-forum facilitation and wellbeing retreats, we help foster communication and connection to improve the family’s relational wellbeing.


Healthy relationships for generational continuity:

Research suggests that 60% of family business failures relate to lack of communication and trust, 25% to heirs being unprepared, and only 3% to financial planning, tax, or investments. The Chinese have a saying that relates to wealth: ‘From sandals to sandals in three generations.’ The first generation creates wealth, the second preserves it, and the third destroys it. Poor family communication is a major factor which impacts family dynamics and generational continuity.

When our important relationships work, life is so much easier. You can concentrate on the essential things in life without the stress of family conflict. When they don’t work, you lose time, energy, and focus trying to resolve them.

Key areas we address and the benefits:

Through world-class customized coaching programs, family forums and retreats, we work with experts to strengthen the following key relationships:

    The most important journey of your lifetime is getting to know the authentic you and achieving what is important for you. Through one-on-one coaching, you will identify and implement strategies that drive you – personally and professionally, so you create a fulfilling life and impactful business legacy.
    When there is misunderstanding or conflict between family members, it impacts the overall wellbeing of the whole family. Through coaching, Qineticare helps you to develop new ways of thinking and communicating to create harmony and understanding between family members.
    When families are aligned on their vision, values, and beliefs, they will thrive. Qineticare creates a safe environment for each family member to be heard, allowing relationship transformation to occur. Qineticare facilitates family forums and customised family retreats to create family longevity and generational continuity.

“Qineticare helped me reconnect with what really matters.”

healthcare without the hassle

Qineticare provides unbiased support and connection to world-class professionals for every stage of life.

From early diagnosis to healthcare access, from treatment decision-making to care plan engagement, from therapy adherence to lifestyle change and caregiver support, have you experienced any hassle in healthcare?

Our goal is to transform the focus from reactive sickness management to proactive and preventative healthcare, from generalized and costly treatment to personalized and predictive care management and support.

Whichever part of the Health Cycle you are in, we serve as health advocates throughout the journey.

unbiased care at every stage:

Acute Care

Is there an acute condition? How to handle multiple chronic complexities? Where are the solutions, how to gain limited access? How to coordinate with multiple physicians? What about second opinions? We stand by you to be your true advocate along the way, so that you and your family can focus on one thing – getting well.

Ongoing Care

Is there an ongoing condition? Is the diagnosis accurate? How to manage multiple medications adherence? Are you facing the challenge of caring for your loved ones from a distance? We provide continuous support and follow-up to help you and your family manage the situation and – live well.

Proactive Care

Do you know your doctor? And does your doctor know you? How is your routine care coordinated? Are you aware of the latest preventative care? Are you enjoying optimal health? We build your dream team of healthcare providers and provide professional management as issues arise, or better still – prevent early.

Access Care

Do you have 24/7 support whether it is routine or emergency care? Do you know who to call for medical assistance when travelling? Do you have access to your health record anywhere anytime? We provide support and coordination around the clock, so you know with Qineticare by your side, you have – peace of mind.

“The preparation before the trip, the visit itself, and the follow up was all beyond my expectations. My only suggestion is: don’t change a thing. Excellent.”

Start the positive ripple effect.

Sustaining future generations starts with caring for the health & wellbeing of your family now.

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