The Family Health Office Model

The Story of the Hole in the Wall and the Drill


There was a elderly man who wanted to hang a large oil painting in his home.  The painting and frame together weighed over 20 kilos.  The man knew he couldn’t just hammer a nail into the plasterboard – it would never hold that much weight.

So he went to the local art supply store to find out how to hang the painting.  The woman at the store told him he would need special drywall hangers.  They consist of a small plastic tube that must be inserted into a hole in the drywall.  When a screw is put into the plastic cylinder, it expands – creating a solid mooring to hang the painting.  So the man bought the special picture hangers.

All he needed now was to drill a small hole in the wall and he would be able to hang the painting.

So he went to the hardware store.  He told the man behind the counter he needed a something to drill a hole in the wall.

The man became excited and told him he came to the right place.  They had dozens of drills to choose from.  He walked him over to the small tool section.  There must have been 20 different types of drills on display.

The man at the hardware store began talking about all the features of the drills.  Some had cords – some were cordless. Some had forward and reverse controls on the trigger.  Some had multi-speed settings. Some even had a clutch to adjust the torque.

The salesman finally turned to the man and asked him, “So what do you need?” The elderly man looked at him and said, “A hole in the wall.”

The reason I share this story with you is because when it comes to your family’s health and wellbeing we like to keep things simple – there are only a few things you need.

  1. You need easy access to the best medical professionals in the world,
  2. You need emotional support beyond the medical treatments,
  3. You need supportive family relationships, and
  4. You need the simplest, easiest and most effective way to manage all three of the above.

How do I know this?

From my personal experience.

When I was diagnosed with cancer my initial reaction was total shock.  My doctor’s first advice was to pray.

The initial shock transitioned into a will and commitment to do whatever was in my power to live – to overcome the cancer.  I was lucky enough to have the means and access to the best medical doctors and holistic practitioners in the world.

After completing my cancer treatment and getting a clean bill of health, my wife told me that she wanted a divorce.  It was another personal crisis – an emotional body blow that was in many ways more difficult to hear than the cancer diagnosis.

Through all of this I had an unwavering commitment to do whatever I could to get through this because I have two sons.  I wanted to make sure that whether I lived or not, they knew I did everything possible to rid myself of the cancer and be here for them.

It was through this experience – and the total commitment to doing everything I could for myself – that I discovered the three areas that were crucial to my recovery.  Those are the same three areas – the Three Pillars – the we’ve built our Family Health Office model on at Qineticare.  My desire to provide a fully integrated service for individuals and their families who may be facing medical challenges is why I created Qineticare.

We know what you want – and what you need – and how to help you get both.

We know it’s in your highest and best interest is to have somebody like us manage your entire family’s health and wellbeing needs just like you have a family office to manage your wealth.

And rather than simply telling you what to do, we do as much as possible for you.

We find the doctors for your medical needs.  We provide you with some of the most forward-thinking holistic practitioners in the world for your emotional wellbeing and healing.  And we often begin by helping you resolve and heal any family situations that could potentially obstacles be to your health, wellbeing, and implementation of your family’s succession planning.

If you would like us to schedule a call with us just click on this link so you can tell us about your situation.

If we think we can help you, we’ll email you to schedule a call.  We’ll spend time on the call talking about you, and your family – not us.  By the end of the call we’ll come up with a simple “next steps” actionable plan for you.  And if you would like us to help you implement the plan we can talk about that too.

It’s my honor and privilege to be able to share with you the best of what I’ve learned from my experiences so you can enjoy the highest quality of life, health and wellbeing possible.

feisal alibhai
Founder & CEO, Qineticare
Author, Four Steps to Flow