Qineticare is your family health office (FHO), helping you protect, manage, and improve all aspects of your family’s collective wellbeing.

Families engage professional managers to look after their financial wealth and lifestyle needs. But who provides the comparable advice and advocacy for the most vital dimension of the continuity of the family, the health and wellbeing of each family member?

Dedicated to enabling families to achieve longevity, thus paving the way for generational continuity, Qineticare is a unique service that empowers families to protect, manage, and improve their health, including their relationships. After all, what is wealth without health and wellbeing?

Built on over a decade of service, Qineticare develops a long-term support system for families, utilizing a global network of world-renowned medical professionals and specialists in the art of wellbeing.

Providing personalized care for each family member’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing throughout each stage of their life, Qineticare’s team of professionals is uniquely positioned to serve as the family’s true advocate.

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“Really appreciate the love and care you give my family and me. It is way over the top.”

Built on a Wake-Up Call: Feisal Alibhai’s Story

Feisal’s personal story is the inspiration for Qineticare. His personal experience forms the basis of Qineticare’s philosophy and the life-changing service its team provides to families across generations and geographies.

Having begun his career in cross-border M&A, he became a serial entrepreneur, building his family businesses across Eastern Europe and war-torn Africa. At the peak of his success at age 35, while employing more than 10,000 people in 15 countries, he was afflicted with a life-threatening illness.

Married with two young sons ages one and three, he was diagnosed with stage-three cancer involving ten tumors. Not knowing where to turn, he undertook a steep learning curve, resulting in extreme medical treatment comprised of 20 rounds of chemotherapy and three surgeries.

Coming within an inch of his life, Feisal recognized that to recover, remain in remission, and thrive, he needed to immerse himself in a multidimensional approach to health.

For the past 12 years, Feisal has enjoyed a state of wellbeing beyond anything he experienced in the past—a quality of life we all deserve.

Initially set-up to serve Feisal’s immediate and extended families, Qineticare is now a multifamily office, serving families around the world.

If you would like a copy of Feisal’s book, Four Steps to Flow, click here.

“Thanks for your support, Feisal. Wouldn’t have made it without you.”

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