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We welcome you into a safe space of loving care to explore your deepest challenges and aspirations. With an integrative approach that is physical, mental-emotional, and relational, we nurture your whole being.

Meet our Wellbeing and Physical Heads, who will be your personal guides on your Qineticare journey. With love and care, we get to know you deeply, design your pathway and keep you accountable to your own objectives.

Wellbeing Heads

Physical Heads

Wellbeing Heads

Physical Heads

Meeting you where you are and listening from the heart, we encourage your inner wisdom to emerge. Feeling seen, heard, and understood, your authentic self illuminates the path forward.

Whether in a planning, transition, or chronic/acute stage of life as an individual or a family, we accompany you on a journey of self-discovery to transform from the inside out.

Your pathway is tailored to your specific needs, evolving with you as you transform. With a foundation of individual work through assessments and one on one sessions, we help ground you into your authenticity. As you transform and build capacity through learning sessions, we support a sustainable integration in your life and relationships through facilitation and in-person retreats. 

We guide you towards your vision, whether health and wellbeingpersonal transformation, family harmony or generational continuity.

Through deepening our connection, we come into a rhythm that evolves into a tailored pathway unique to your needs. Beginning with a foundation of inner work, your transformation naturally unfolds and is integrated into the dance of life.

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