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Christine Gagnon

Christine Gagnon has over 25 years of experience as a synergologist, analyst-profiler, international expert, trainer,  consultant  and  speaker,  in  the  field  of  applied  nonverbal communication.  

As president of the Nonverbal Communication Consulting Firm, an associate of Turchet and Associates, Synergologists, and an associate of Les Éditions Propulsion, Christine has worked – among many prestigious mandates – for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, the Canadian Armed Forces, the Bar Association of Quebec, Health and Social Services agencies and several government and police departments.  

Christine is passionate about bringing greater awareness to the value of nonverbal language and the power of action, to better communicate and form deeper connections. Using an interactional approach, Christine helps individuals feel empowered to better express their feelings and be sensitive to non verbal cues, thus resolving conflict from lack of or miscommunication, and improving relationships.  

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