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Communications Head

Christine Gagnon

Christine Gagnon, profiler-analyst in the field or behavioural analysis, linguistic semantics and the art of questioning strategically develops her expertise in the field of analysis, coaching and training.

She is trained in the analysis of emerging risks in relationships and projects. She developed the SCAN Cell Certification, an exclusive training and operations program with highly trained agents in threat detection. She adds a special department of professional services including behavior assessment and prediction, detection of unspoken speech, situational analysis and analysis of organizational dynamics in several strategics business situations. She also created Impact Analysis, an innovative approach that brings together modern, proactive and unprecedented units of measurement including artificial intelligence and biometrics.

She is certified in interrogation by The Institute of Analytic Interviewing of California and co-author of the book TO CATCH A LIE. She collaborates and presents her work in more than 15 universities and 23 countries. Teacher at UQAM’s School of Management (ESG UQAM), she collaborates with several specialists and professionals of security and businesses, around the world. Co-fonder of DSI for the HUMINT et Predictive Intelligence department.

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