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Strategic Leadership Head

Chris Yonker

Chris Yonker specializes in helping family enterprises navigate the intricate and unique aspects of both being related and owning a business. Chris helps to consciously navigate the challenges of succession, leadership transitions and family conflict, while creating long-term strategies for business continuity

Chris has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Minor in Communication from Western Michigan University. He was personally mentored by Tony Robbins’ original trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Chris’holistic approach allows each individual in the family to be seen as an integral piece to the work. He uses his experience to create a one­ of-a-kind methodology that fuses heart and soul – helping families achieve extraordinary results that become permanent ways of being.

Drawing upon more than 25 years of driving change and over a decade in Family Business and Executive consulting, Chris has built a process that has become his special sort of alchemy. His strategy helps families move beyond the obstacles family organizations face that often prevent them from leading deeply fulfilling lives, both individually as well as collectively.  Chris has been a special guest of Camden Family Wealth, The Institute for Family-Owned Business, and The Center for Family Enterprise, and has been a featured contributor to Forbes.

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