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Already athletically competitive, the CEO of a family-owned conglomerate approached Qineticare looking for ways to improve his energy, focus and centeredness to master his ability to lead.

Assessing his physical, mental-emotional and relational baseline, Qineticare designed a tailored pathway to move towards his aspirational outcome:

  • In-depth review of his nutrition, fitness, epigenetics and genomics to develop consistent healthy habits in his daily routine, especially when travelling
  • Creating a rest and recovery protocol due to compromised sleep patterns while executing at unprecedented levels and traveling across time zones
  • Leadership coaching to move from a reactive to responsive state of being, building agility and adaptability as he engaged with adverse contexts


Vibrant with an optimized nutrition, exercise and sleep regimen, he feels on top of his game, thriving in business, while maintaining a calm, centered, non-reactive state across all areas of leadership, including family.

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