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The former business owner approached Qineticare feeling directionless in finding a path forward. He felt alienated by the family estrangement that had developed over a decade as he built his business.

Creating a safe space for him to feel vulnerable to share his truth of the reality that he was experiencing at this stage of transition, he revealed a need for multi-dimensional support:

  • Functional medicine to create a non-reactive state of being through modifying lifestyle behavior, including healthier nutrition, meditation and fitness habits based on his unique genomics and epigenetics
  • Alignment coaching to build self-awareness to take clear steps in the next stage of life based on his values, talents and aspirations
  • Relationship coaching to rekindle the relationship with his wife and children and unite them as a family after years of feeling disconnected


With a new level of self-awareness, he developed clarity of direction in his next stage of life and a way to meet each family member with love and care as they transitioned together.

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