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The Chairwoman of an established SFO for a prominent family consisting of over 35 adults with no critical health conditions approached Qineticare. Despite having health, happiness and harmony as core values, the family did not have an infrastructure in place to support individual family members with their health and wellbeing through their life stages.

Qineticare recognised that the family’s vision was very clear in their priorities for a sustainable approach to wellbeing and proposed the following solutions:

  • Comprehensive physical, mental-emotional and relational audit of each family member to assess challenges and opportunities of the family at large
  • Onboarding of each family member and creating a Qi tailored pathway
  • Family health and wellbeing retreats to build and reinforce connection and harmony
  • Family Wellbeing Trust advisory to fund wellbeing mandates for generations to come


The support system Qineticare created was tailored to the needs of each family member for their stage in life, fulfilling the family’s core values of health, happiness and harmony.

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