A family wanted to discuss succession planning. The patriarch had clear plans for the succession of his business and wanted his son to take over an important role in the company, but his son was not interested.

Unfortunately, this is a typical scenario for many family-owned companies. Emotional issues can create a volatile dynamic in these situations and can get in the way of making objective decisions that are in the best interest of the business.

The son, who was due to take over, was caught up in alcohol abuse and possible drug addiction. Qineticare assessed all three pillars of the health and wellbeing of the family; medical, beyond medical, and family dynamics. The immediate task was to do a medical assessment of the young man which resulted in him participating in a detox program. While in detox, the son shared that he was under pressure to comply with religious traditions and there was an expectation to join the family business. This contributed to a lot of stress for the young man and created conflict within the family. In essence, the father was setting the stage for his son’s issues. Individual coaching helped heal and transform the relationship, creating a new connection with their son, while letting go of their expectations.

With the help of Qineticare, it was clear for the family that succession planning is not only about wealth preservation but about preserving the most important asset – the family.

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