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The Chairman of the family council approached Qineticare as the family realised that the existing setup of its SFO (with in-house medical staff) was reactive and inadequate to meet the needs of the large number of family members residing in different regions and travelling frequently around the world.

Qineticare identified the need to establish a proactive strategy that would meet the family’s healthcare needs anywhere in the world and at any time. Qineticare’s approach included:

  • An in-depth audit to assess the overall healthcare needs of the entire family across generations and geographies
  • An analysis of individual medical, nutrition, fitness, sleep, gut, brain, genomic and epigenetic data to establish a physical health baseline for every family member
  • Creating access to digitalized medical records, building medical teams locally and globally, and providing worldwide medical assistance


The family felt peace of mind knowing that they are protected and cared for irrespective of any health challenge presented in any part of the globe.

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