A multi-generational family sought Qineticare’s support to help manage cancer and chronic illness, as well as facing substance abuse and relational conflict with the next-gens, which was impacting the family’s overall wellbeing.

Qineticare helped untangle the core elements influencing each individual family member, the business and the family at large through:

  • Access to and guidance from global experts to provide best-in-class management for the cancer and chronic illness while discovering the source of disease
  • Relationship and communication workshops along with family retreats to unite the family with an aligned purpose of living in harmony through deeper connection
  • Rehabilitation for substance abuse and mental health challenges, while supporting healing through self-love and self-care


Acceptance of the harsh realities and moving through challenges in the family dynamics led to individual and intergenerational healing for a new beginning. A new approach to health and wellbeing transformed the family’s physical, mental-emotional and relational state of being.

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