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The youngest of six middle-aged siblings running a business together approached Qineticare. The family’s poor medical history, which included diabetes, heart disease and obesity, presented both health and longevity challenges. Due to their chronic conditions, four out of the six siblings were unable to secure universal life insurance.

Qineticare conducted a health and wellbeing audit of the six siblings to determine underlying factors that were contributing to their health challenges. The team developed a health optimization strategy that would improve their health outcomes through:

  • Implemented the latest and most relevant chronic disease management practices to bring the medical conditions under control
  • Workshops on nutrition, fitness, sleep and gut health educating the family to make better lifestyle choices
  • Functional medicine coaching to shift the source of the behavior to sustain the improved health condition


Beyond securing the life insurance they desired, the family felt energized, full of renewed possibility about their shared future, and united with a common purpose.

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