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Functional Medicine Head

Dr. D

Our Functional Medicine Head at Qineticare Dr. Dwarakanath Raman, otherwise affectionately known as ‘Dr.D’ is a physician in Indian Medicine with a foundation in functional medicine principles, and has been practicing Nature Cure, Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy for over 20 years.

Dr D. works with individuals, families and organizations around the world, running retreats in Dubai, the UK, Switzerland, Indonesia, and India, using an integrative approach that consists of nutrition, Yoga, meditation, and understanding root causes to support individuals in making lasting lifestyle changes.

Dr D. helps individuals understand their body and mind composition, by identifying their core elements, so as to reach the root of all imbalances and also the source of all happiness. He creates uniquely integrative programs, from practical mind training, where individuals will learn how to overcome mental restlessness to find calm, focus and clarity, to unravelling their conscious and subconscious, allowing them to get in touch with their inner being to unleash their full potential.

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