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Jasmin Blunck

Jasmin Blunck

Jasmin is a qualified nurse and a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach with an MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science and a Diploma in Culinary Medicine. Based in Hong Kong since 1990, Jasmin has spent over three decades working in and studying international health and wellness.  

It wasn’t until the early 1990s, when on a visit to London that Jasmin realised that there might be something more to wellbeing than just traditional healthcare. Her own consultation with the now-famous Dr. Ali of the The Integrated Medical Centre left her amazed. Rather than pills, her “prescription” consisted of lifestyle changes such as massage, dietary advice and nutritional supplements. Jasmin realised that this was the first time she had received truly holistic advice — quite literally, she was seen as a whole person rather than just an ailment. This transformational experience marked the beginning of a deep interest in how to optimise health using a combination of conventional and complementary medicine.   

Jasmin is also qualified as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.  

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