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Dear Friends

I write this as I head to Dubai to spend time with families we care for, loved ones and friends.

My father turns 90, inshallah, on December 27th. I want to take this opportunity to prize, honor, appreciate, and celebrate him for the incredible human being that he is.

His love, generosity and groundedness has given me strength and courage to continue to fully express myself over the years. I feel an absolute gratitude and awe for his beingness beyond what words can say.

Thank you 🙏 papa. I love you.

Who are you grateful for that has been a pillar of strength to support you to be in full authenticity? How are you going to celebrate them?

In that spirit of honoring you and your engagement with me and life, I would like to gift my new book “United in flow” on kindle for the next 3 days (December 19-21st).

Please enjoy and freely pass along this offering with open arms to friends, family, and your connections.

In the spirit of continuing generosity, I would love for you to share with me what resonates as you experience the book.

I wish you happy holidays with your loved ones and friends.

With love and gratitude,



 United in FLOW – the art of living in joy

Relationship is a crucible. Each of us in our “me” lives in a boundless and dynamic container of “we”.

The natural forces of relationship all work like the ocean against the shore. Staying attentive to the evolving shape and feel of ourselves, we come to know our unique gift.

Relationship is the context and canvas, the altar upon which we can share our sacred uniqueness.

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Quotes to Inspire

The purpose of the meditation is to raise our vibration to resonate with the frequencies of Peace, Love, and Light and live in a state of elevated Awareness.”

       – Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Skelton

“Love involves openness, embracing one another’s differences, and a spirit of inclusivity. It’s about “we”. not just “me.”

                                                    – feisal alibhai

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