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Dear Friends,

Last mile excellence as the year comes to a close. I prize, honor, appreciate and celebrate our families for their courage to engage to do the inner work and build capacity. I am in awe to witness the transformation of individuals and families as they evolve into their new way of being. Relationships with themselves, their loved ones and the family at large have become so yummy its brings tears of joy to my eyes as I type. I am grateful for being in their presence as they journey through this stage. I would like to share a daily ritual, thanks to the wisdom of my beloved at the time. We would light a candle after dinner and prize, honor, appreciate and celebrate each other.  What a gift to give and receive. It felt really good most of the time and insincere when we were not in a good space. She kept us engaged in the process knowing that this needed to be non-negotiable for us to learn to give and receive while filling up each other’s tanks. Thank you! At our company meeting with our team last week, I prized, honored, appreciated and celebrated each person. The emotional responses clearly revealed that I had not been vocal about how much I appreciated each of them. My beloved kept nudging me to share more openly my appreciation  and bring this process to the team. I didn’t. Once again, I was not able to see and accept what she intuitively knew. We now start our weekly meetings with this ritual. How are you appreciating and celebrating your loved ones? What daily ritual do you have in place? Would love to learn from you. I nudge you to consider to bring this beautiful simple gift to your home. The impact over time is beyond words can express. I wish you beautiful holidays and happy new year. 

With love and gratitude,feisal


What is your love language ?


When we feel disconnected from the people we care about, life is a lonely place. The 5 Love Languages® is a simple and effective way to strengthen your connections, so you can experience greater joy and harmony in all of your relationships.

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Quotes to Inspire

“Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from the world.”

– Eckhart Tolle

“The lead is to empower each person to evolve into their genuine selves. This is foundational, fueling them to be connected, engaged, and thus contributing to their maximum capacity.”

– feisal alibhai

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