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Living a life of service…

Dear friend, 

This month, we celebrate 9 years of service at Qineticare.

It has been a great honour and privilege to be able to walk alongside and serve individuals and families, empowering them to live in harmony and create enduring impact.

When I was 13, I wanted to be a part-time businessman and part-time doctor. It took a near-death crisis for my true purpose to emerge, enabling me to live in both worlds and be of service to humanity.

On reflection, here are some valuable life lessons that I’ve learned over the years:

Our body is a vessel on this life journey – Our body is an intelligent and sensitive being that should not be taken for granted. It tells us when we need to slow down and relax, often in the form of subtle signals like tiredness and flare ups of old chronic issues. Tuning in and listening to it is crucial to preserve our health and wellbeing. When we intentionally set aside time for rest and recovery, our entire way of being changes.

The power to choose – We control 2 things in life. The meaning we give, and how we respond. When we take responsibility for our choices, we can reframe, bring intentionality, and take ownership of what we have and move forward. We empower ourselves and create an environment for growth and opportunities to emerge.

Authentic conversations – At the heart of every family business are individuals and their families. Human connection, relationships, and empathy drives success. Creating a safe space for authentic conversations helps bridge the individual and family, transforming underlying dynamics to solidify harmony.

Empathy in leadership Empathy is important for building resilience in individuals and as a collective. The pandemic has seen everyone go through unprecedented changes in both their professional and personal lives. Leaders who have been able to empathise with struggling team members, leaving behind any narratives or assumptions have built stronger team resilience as a result. Employees don’t feel like they’re alone, instead they’re heard and supported. Together, the organization adapts and thrive.

Empowering others – Empowerment involves learning and developing ourselves in the context of others. We can only each be ourselves because we coexist. In more ways than we realize, truly independent people help draw out each other’s interests, creativity, and skills. I can only be me thanks to you. Without you, being me would be an isolated, unproductive experience.

We each came to this planet to discover and develop our authentic self, then from this to serve in a way that’s meaningful to us and consequently be of value to others. Let’s continue to serve with love and care, head and heart united.


With love and gratitude,




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Quotes to Inspire

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”

Steve Jobs

“When we are authentic, we don’t worry about matching up to people’s expectations or living up to our potential. We are simply in flow.”

– feisal alibhai

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