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Dear friend,

As we’re coming out of COVID and attempting to find a new normal, what are our lessons learned from this collective journey? 

COVID has given us many opportunities for growth. It has pushed us to put our health and wellbeing at the forefront of our priorities, paving the way for living in the present and authentically engaging with those near and dear to us. 

For many, it’s taken a pandemic to shake us and wake us up. There are two things in life that we can control – the meaning we give to what happens, and our response. Waking up to this empowers us with the opportunity to create a more meaningful life.

To move through this unprecedented experience, it required us to embrace what was, remain calm, trust life and allow clarity to emerge, whether on a personal, work, family or societal level to be able to access all the resources that we’ve accumulated over the years. 

So how do we create a state of being to live a life in flow? 

There are 3 cups we can fill to help create this state of being – Physical, Mental-emotional, and Relational. 

In order to support myself in these areas, I am optimizing my physical health by following an anti-inflammatory diet, engaging in various forms of physical activity (tennis, swimming, trekking and rebounding), and sleeping around the same time daily with a window to achieve 7.5hrs of sleep. 

I’ve built a support system of coaches, mentors, likeminded individuals and loved ones to help fill my mental-emotional cup. I’ve also cultivated daily habits of gratitude, journaling and meditation.

I’ve chosen to practice self-love and care to nourish my soul to give what I have to my loved ones. We create daily rituals of sharing how we’re feeling and what is occurring. We also take the time each evening to acknowledge, honor and celebrate ourselves and each other to remember the gift of life.

And now, even as we slowly move out of this pandemic, I invite you to take a moment, take a step back, take a deep breath, take a look inside, and with head and heart united, feel into who and what matters most. 

What habits or rituals can we create to turn this moment into an opportunity? 

How can we move together from “me” to “we”? 


With love and gratitude, 


We’re on Youtube!

Our webinars are now on Youtube, so you can easily catch up on sessions you may have missed. If you’re unable to watch the entire webinar, check out the Youtube Shorts playlist on your mobile devise to get highlights on the go.

Are you Movementwise?

Last month, we had our Movement Head Tania Cotton share with us what it means to be MovementWise.

Did you know, even small changes in our posture, movement and lifestyle habits can significantly impact health and performance outcomes and our sense of wellbeing?

I invite you to watch these stories that Tania has produced, highlighting the triumphs that many have experienced, overcoming pain and injury to go on and do things in their lives they previously believed impossible.

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Quotes to Inspire

“Love is like water found in rivers, waterfalls, and oceans. It’s fluidity enables its form to change depending on the need.”

– Feisal Alibhai

“Gratitude is not something you have to express. If you are filled with gratitude for all that contributes to your life, it will melt your very being.”

– Sadhguru

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