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Deep Rooted Grief ...

Dear friend, 

How are you?

Would love for you to reflect on the love joy and abundance in your life. How blessed we are?

I was recommended to start Qigong by one of our experts, Michel Golay, who tested my autonomic nervous system while I meditated in his clinic.  Thursday was my first experience with this energy based movement with a local Chinese master. I started to practice it a couple times a day as a good student.  My chest area started to experience physical pain during the night and I assumed it was me moving through process of letting go of control and surrendering to the perfection of life.

What process do you have in place to help you let go of control and embrace the perfection of life as it unfolds?

I decided to go see a movie Saturday morning called “She Said”. Excellent movie by the way. One of the characters was diagnosed with breast cancer and as usual a feeling of my personal experience of cancer started to surface. Unlike other times, it came up from my stomach to my chest very powerfully like a volcanic eruption. The last time I experienced this was a few years ago when I shared the only photo of me post my 20 rounds of chemo with my beloved at the time.

I calmed myself down as tears flowed down my cheeks allowing my body to embrace what was occurring. The question that arose was “why?”

For which experiences in your life does the question why arise? How are you choosing to respond and what practices do you have in place when these occur?

I left the theater and started to drive home. Within a few minutes of stopping at a red light, the surge of emotions began again. This time it was beyond anything I remember experiencing. I started to whale like a child and needed to breath in and out to manage myself to not go into a panic attack. The “why” question was larger this time: financial loss, divorce, cancer, my brother, and the end of a relationship with my beloved. I cried from one red light to another. I was taken aback.

Luckily, I had a scheduled session with one of our experts, Natalie, who I did a webinar with on Shame and Super Ego. I sent it last week. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. It turned into a live session which surprised both of us Explore It. 

She supported me during the session and was very happy that my heart was opening up to the grief that was clearly feeling safe to surface. She shared that the more painful the chest the more opening up to love was being made possible.

Do you have a support system in place when feelings that are deep rooted surface? If not, I urge you to please create a support system as you journey life.

I decided to take a nap on Sunday afternoon after a wonderful walk I enjoyed with a dear friend in the morning. The conversation as usual was deep regarding his family at large and the challenges being faced as they prepare the rising generation.

Before my nap, I chose to look at a photo album within my phone called “love journey”. I closed my phone and put my head on my pillow. Without any notice, a surge of emotions erupted once again and it was just uncontrollable. The question “why?” came back but this time relating to the end of the relationship with my beloved.

What a weekend. I have my next session of Qigong with my master in a few hours.

I share this as I truly nudge you to embrace what hasn’t been processed deep deep down. I have an extensive support system of experts and as you can see I am a “work in progress”.

Sending you love and blessings as you prepare for the festive season.



With love and gratitude,



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