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Dear Friends,

How are you feeling with all the changes happening in the world? Feels like a lot to stay grounded and centered for most of us as we move through our day.

Thanks to my beloved, I finally honored a promise my mother made when I was diagnosed 19 years ago. We went on a religious pilgrimage last month. The emotions that moved through as I prostrated in absolute gratitude to be alive was beyond words can describe. What a blessing.

What promise or intention remains pending for you? What will it take to move forward?
I hope you will consider to put it into action to close the loop and not wait 19 years like I did.

The experience of writing my new book was very different from the first. I choose to select a theme for the book before allowing whatever wanted to come through to come through.

Unlike the first book, I asked for feedback from a trusted few. Boy was I in for a shock. The feedback came from the heart but felt beyond brutal. To remain on point, I agreed to cut one third of the book, which has taken me two years to write.

Who do you have in your circle of influence willing to give heartfelt and candid feedback? In which areas of life and business and how frequently do you request them to come in?

I thank you for your continued engagement. I will share a link to download the new book in my next letter.

I wish you love joy and abundance as you continue to journey life.

With love and gratitude,


Health – The Most Valuable Asset Under Management

According to the articles published in Forbes, Qineticare exemplifies an integrative approach to healthcare, offering tailored wellness programs that encompass physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Their services are designed based on the founder’s personal journey and experiences, enabling a holistic healthcare journey.

Food for thought

Exploring Purpose, Resilience, and Meaningful Connections

Molly Bloom and Simon Sinek engage in a conversation covering topics such as handlingg criticism, finding purpose, decision-making, love, community, and success. They emphasize the value of connections, personal growth, and making a positive impact in life. Watch it here. Watch it  here.

Barack Obama’s Advice: Prioritizing Action and Delivering Results for Young Professionals”

Obama’s advice for young people stresses the importance of taking action and delivering results. He urges them to prioritize getting things done over merely discussing problems, and highlights the value of projecting a proactive and capable attitude. Watch it here.

Esther Perel on Artificial Intimacy

Psychotherapist Esther Perel discusses the impact of AI on relationships, highlighting the rise of “Artificial Intimacy” and its potential to hinder genuine connection. She explores the dangers of relying on algorithms and suggests ways to use technology to enhance, rather than diminish, our social bonds. Listen to here.

Cured: Strengthen Your Immune System and Heal Your Life

Dr. Jeff Rediger explores spontaneous healing, revealing the root causes of illness and highlighting the importance of physical and mental factors in recovery. The book serves as a guidebook for healing, prevention, and understanding the science behind miraculous recoveries. Explore it here.

Quotes to Inspire

Everything we put into our bodies from foods and toxins to thoughts and feelings – can shift immune function at a base level.”

       – Jeffrey Rediger, M.D.

Allowing religion to dictate behavior is not empowering but debilitating. This is contrary to its purpose of supporting inward journey towards our authentic selves.”

                                                    – feisal alibhai

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