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Everything starts from within...

Dear friend, 

I’ve been deeply encouraged over the past month, noticing that the people I’ve met are increasingly open to having deeper conversations about their physical health and wellbeing. Engaging in conversations about gut health, brain health, and drivers of behaviors, many were willing to dive deeper into learning and taking the next steps.  

This is particularly heartening, given that most of them are global leaders in their field, such as those I spoke to in Switzerland at the Institute for Management Development (IMD)’s Leading the Family Business program, and at The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners’ (STEP) 30th anniversary. I was doubly encouraged just a few weeks later in Singapore when I joined the Family Business Network (FBN) Asia and Akiya Connect’s network events.

These leaders expressed an increased awareness that everything starts from within us – our beliefs and patterns, thoughts and emotions – and that moves outwards, impacting our relationships with others. I loved having meaningful conversations about the importance of tuning in and listening to our body, so that we can feel far more vibrant than most of us are experiencing today. 

We were aligned on the importance of assessing where we are in life, what’s serving us, what’s not, and what areas need improvement. It fills me with joy to notice that more are willing to take a proactive approach to their wellbeing. 

I would like to invite you to take the Health Consciousness Assessment. It will help you discover what areas in your life you’re excelling in, and which areas you may consider to choose differently. 

I am excited to experience what the new season has in store for us all. Here’s to being proactive.


With love and gratitude,



What areas do you want to improve on?

How can we live a life in alignment from a physical, mental-emotional and relational perspective, if we don’t have a clear picture of our current state of being?

How optimized are your sleep, nutrition, movement, environment, life, hormones, cognition and stress management?

Try our Health Consciousness Scale for free to see which areas you’re excelling in and which are most in need of improvement.

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Quotes to Inspire

“Don’t show up to prove. Show up to improve.”

Simon Sinek

“As we become authentic, each element of our real self is drawn into the spotlight, revealed in all its magnificence. We step out of smallness into greatness.”

– feisal alibhai

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