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Psychological Integration Head

Natalie Lascelles

Natalie is an integral psychotherapist based in New Zealand with an international client base. She is committed to supporting individuals, couples, and groups to wake up, grow up, clean up, open up and show up. She has been practicing for 30 years and trained in various modalities from a Masters in psychotherapy to integral coaching to leading edge trauma work and adult development.

Natalie’s work is an invitation to live life in a more authentic and meaningful way, thus deepening the capacity to have more alive and intimate relationships with life, self, and other. For over two decades she has provided a safe and compassionate space for self-exploration and the experience of relaxing into wholeness.

The essence of her work is in facilitating others on a psychological, soulful and spiritual journey that is grounded, embodied, radiant and relationally fulfilling.

Shame and Super Ego

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In this webinar, Natalie Lascelles explains what shame really is, the role of the super ego and how to overcome it.

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