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Wellbeing Head

Fionn Wright

Fionn is the Wellbeing Head at Qineticare. Having grown up in a family business in Europe and Africa, he earned his Bachelor in International Business from UBC while learning to speak fluent Chinese. Seeing gaps in Shanghai’s traditional market for corporate training, children’s education and language learning, Fionn founded and ran 3 innovative coaching companies, and led a team to develop the first Holistic Wellness Programs in China.

Fionn is also trained in Neuroscience for Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner, Mindfulness-based Somatic Therapy, STAGES Developmental Coaching, Leadership Circle Assessment, Business Coaching, Transformative Leadership and with a Masters in Leadership Coaching, he now teaches over 40 types of meditation.

Making it his daily mission to transform into the best husband, father and human being he can be to help as many people as he can live a life they love, Fionn now coaches entrepreneurs, executives and family business leaders around the world, sharing his vision to evolve our planetary consciousness and ensure a sustainable future for humanity through TV, live-streaming, vlogging, writing, consulting, podcasting & speaking.

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