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8 Steps to Self-Discovery – “How Can We Transform Our Way of Being to Live a Meaningful Life”

This is the final session of the 10 week “8 steps to self-discovery” webinar series special, challenging the status quo of health and wellbeing, to show you what you can do to proactively transform your life.

In this session, Feisal and Fionn will discuss potential obstacles we encounter when we start to challenge the status quo, practical steps you can take to move forward on a journey of selfdiscovery, and the secret ingredient to living a meaningful life 

Fionn Wright: Fionn is the Wellbeing head at Qineticare. He had been trained in Neurolinguistic Programming, Neuroscience for Coaching, Leadership Assessments, Business Coaching, Transformation, Meditation, Mindfulness-based Somatic Therapy and Leadership Development, he now coaches entrepreneurs & executives around the world.

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