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How to Get in Sync With Your Energy, Heart, Breath and Mind?

In this session, Feisal and Chris will explore how sensors of the heart can help us become more resilient, how to maintain diaphragmatic breathing as way of being, and how to build a cognitive mental capacity.

Chris Christiansson: Chris is an expert in human health training, behavioural physiology and breathing therapy (Capnotrainer). Harvard educated, he has conducted workshops training for 5,000+ corporate executives and managers to develop sustainable heathy performance, improve stress resilience, avoid fatigue, burnout, and workplace mental health issues. Subsequently he developed the E-zone methodology with tools and a biofeedback technology for user to learn to stay in the healthy performance zone.

Chris has a profound understanding of how mental health (or some form as maladaptive behavioral health patterns) has become over the last 30 years an epidemic problem in the industrial world where performance, pressure and speed are part of most people’s lives, driving them from doing more with less and in a race to a never-ending finish line.

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