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Speaking Engagements

FFI Global Conference New York – Boundaryless Success: Enabling entrepreneurial venturing and leadership in the rising generation (25-28 October 2023)

The Family Business Executive Forum - Succession SOS : Moving from chaos to clarity in your family transition - Fionn Wright and Chris Yonker (18 oct 2023)

The Aikya Connect Forum Dubai - Beyond Imposition, Expectation & Judgement. (15 Sept 2023)

IMD Leading the Family Business The challenges of continuing the family legacy(4 to 8 Sep 2023)

Overcoming the Impossible : From Surviving Cancer to Being a Successful Entrepreneur (5th September 2023)

Understanding Family Offices - Private Wealth Management Association ( - 24 Jul 2023)

Hubbis Wealth Solutions Forum (Singapore - 14 Jun 2023)

FBN Asia- Singapore (16-17 Feb 2023) Trust in Self (Nurturing harmony in relationships)

WTF Integral Conference Sedona – What’s the Future ( 3-6 November 2022)

Invest HK (17 October 2022)

STEP 30th Anniversary (15 September 2022)

IMD: Leading You Family Business (8 September 2022)

HSBC Global Private Banking’s “Embracing Change through Planning” (12 July 2022)

Sharing by Feisal Alibhai at CUHK MBA Family Business Class (25 June 2022)

Feisal is a guest speaker at the CUHK MBA Family Business Class, sharing his personal experience and lessons learned as a third generation family business member.

Asia Family Office & Wealth Management Summit (25 February 2022)

Feisal spoke on The Missing Piece of Dynamic Durability: Bridging Human Systems with Family Systems
Lorange Network: Health & Vitality Roundtable (15 June 2021) | Media

Lorange Network: Health & Vitality Roundtable (15 June 2021)

Feisal participated as a Keynote speaker, sharing his personal journey to prioritizing his health and wellbeing, and starting Qineticare.

Marcus Evans Summits: Private Wealth Management APAC Summit 2021 (7-8 April, 2021, Online Summit)

Keynote Speaker – Completing the Puzzle: The missing piece of longevity to achieve generational Continuity

What is the missing piece to achieve generational continuity and family longevity? How a triple crisis that led to the creation of the world’s first Family Health Office? Feisal shared and explored how families could benefit from having a Wellbeing Trust.

Passing it Down: Transcending Generation Gaps to Fortify Family Vision and Accomplish Smoother Wealth Transfer

Feisal participated in the interactive forum as a moderator.

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Tharawat Magazine (apr 2020)

The Family Business Voice: COVID-19: How Can We Maintain Health and Wellbeing Through a Crisis?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Feisal Alibhai speaks to Ramia Marielle El Agamy about how COVID-19 has given health and wellbeing an immediacy that few regarded it with before the crisis.

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marcus evans summits – jun 2018

Elite Summit 2018

Feisal addressed the importance of health and wellbeing while reflecting on the family office legacy structure and setting up a platform to focus on the human capital of families.

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hkust business school – may 2018

Comparing Chinese family business with other ethnic groups

Feisal shared and discussed with executive MBA students on his experience building family business.

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family office think tank (fott) – dec 2017

“family health and wellbeing”

Guest Podcasts

Cognitive Better Ageing - Interview with Peter Zombori

Peter Zombori of Premium Switzerland interviews Feisal on what it means to age better.

Enterprising Families Podcast - Feisal Alibhai shares on Health and Family Wealth. A holistic story

Feisal joins Tsitsi Mutendi on her podcast – Enterprising Families Podcast to discuss what health and wealth currently looks like, and what the future holds for it.

About Tsitsi Mutendi: Tsitsi is a Family Business Consultant and Family Office Specialist helping Businesses and Families set up Structure, Governance, Philanthropy and Succession strategies that help them create lasting legacies and allows them to build multi-generational wealth.

She is the co-founder of African Family Firms – The African Family Business Association that is the voice of African Family Businesses. 

The Connected Generation Podcast - The Truth About Integrative Family Health and Wellbeing with Feisal Alibhai

Feisal joins Nike Anani on her podcast The Connected Generation with Nike Anani as they discuss the truth about integrative family health and wellbeing. 

About Nike Anani: Nike is an international award-winning entrepreneur, succession specialist and a legacy planning expert for future-focused business families. She is on a mission to help businesses move from lifetime to legacy, such that they build family enterprises of the future. She has over a decade of family enterprise expertise as a second generation owner and family office pioneer. Nike is the host of The Connected Generation a top 10 podcast for family enterprises globally. She is co-Founder of African Family Firms, a non-profit community of family enterprises.

The Intentional Growth Podcast – Lessons Learned From Getting Stage 3 Cancer

Feisal joins Ryan Tansom as a guest on the International Growth Podcast.

“Feisal walks us through what it was like getting a life-altering diagnosis and how it changed the way he looked at his life and business. He reflects on his new mindset, and the shift in his approach from a work-work-work to a “game time then, and game time now” view. He shares his insights on stress and health, as well as some key measures every business owner should take to keep their mind and body healthy for the years to come.”

About Ryan Tansom:
Ryan Tansom started his entrepreneurial career at his family business where he was the executive vice president and responsible for the strategic, operational, and financial strategy of the $21 million company. Ryan helped turn the company around and bring intentional focus to the right strategies which enabled it to be sold for 8 figures to a local competitor in 2014.

Ryan took his experience and founded Arkona to create the Intentional Growth™ Framework which helps owners grow the value of their company – with the end in mind – through educational training, fractional CFO services, and strategic planning.

Ryan also hosts the popular Intentional Growth™ Podcast which has 280+ episodes, 380k+ downloads with Todd Herman, Bo Burlingham, Jack Stack, Gino Wickman, John Warrillow, Dan Martell, and Alan Beaulieu.

Secret Thoughts Of Ceos Podcast – A Death Sentence: Mortality As A Wake Up Call

Feisal joins Chris Yonker on his Podcast – Secret Thoughts of CEO’s.

“We are all mortal… whether this is something we think about often or not, life is short for each and every one of us. The ultimate question is in how we relate to that truth and use it to shape our lives. In this episode, Feisal Alibhai, tells his story of receiving a death sentence at a time when he was on the top of his game. Being diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer at age 35 created a major shift in how he proceeded with the rest of his life. This episode shares perspectives on very difficult life experiences that are not for the faint of heart, but also shows us how we can reframe our trauma to make changes that allow more peace, joy and fulfilment in the time that we do have.”

About Chris Yonker: Chris works with companies as well as high achievers like executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities to get clarity on what they really want—and then make the strategy mindset and behavior shifts that get them there.

Chris is sought after to be the one the elite go to when they want to ensure the rest of their lives are happy, joyous, balanced and fulfilled.

Published Articles

Stonehage Fleming: The International Family Office – apr 2020

Read Feisal Alibhai’s article, ‘Improve the quality of your life to secure your legacy

The International Family Offices Journal – mar 2020

Read Feisal Alibhai’s article, ‘Our Choice in wealth: from Scorecard to wellbeing

FOTT family office magazine – dec 2019

Read Feisal Alibhai’s article, ‘Case study – Family health management

Asian Private Banker: Misunderstanding of ‘wealth’ the biggest risk of generational continuity: Qineticare – Oct 2019

Read Feisal Alibhai’s article, ‘Misunderstanding of ‘wealth’ the biggest risk for generational continuity: Qineticare’ – interviewed by Asian Private Banker

Tharawat Magazine: The Avoidable Destruction of A Family Business – Aug 2019

Read Feisal Alibhai’s article, ‘The Avoidable Destruction of A Family Business’ – published in Tharawat Magazine

Family Offices: The STEP Handbook for Advisers – 2019

Read Feisal Alibhai’s article, ‘Health and wellbeing: the journey to family longevity’ – published in Family Office: The STEP Handbook for advisers.

Campden family business magazine 2018 – issue 74 / 2018

Read Feisal Alibhai’s article, ‘The Key to Family Longevity’ – published in Campden Family Business Magazine.

The International Family Offices Journal – Sep 2018

Read Feisal Alibhai’s article, ‘The missing piece in succession planning’ – published in The International Family Offices Journal.

Campden family business magazine 2018 – issue 73 / 2018

Read Feisal Alibhai’s article, ‘Embracing Change’ – published in Campden Family Business Magazine.

SCMP – jan 2018

Feisal to share the tips for a happier, healthier life, why balance is key and five questions to answer before you can attain it.
FOTTFamily office 201712Cover

FOTT family office magazie – dec 2017

Feisal Alibhai’s article, ‘Protect Health Like Wealth’ – appears in the December 2017 edition of Family Office magazine.

Campden FBFO

Campden fb – dec 2017

Feisal’s talk featured in Campden FB – “Family or Business? Asia’s Next Generation Tackles Taboos”.

The International Family Offices Journal – Mar 2017

Read Feisal Alibhai’s article, ‘If your health is your wealth, how exactly are you protecting it?’ – published in The International Family Offices Journal.

Media Interviews

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Sex, Race and Money (jul 2019)

The Truth of Your Soul

Jenny-Rebecca Lewis have a discussion with Feisal of life, flow, adventure and what it means to follow the truth of your soul
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Safe Space with Francesco Lombardo – may 2019

Overcoming cancer to helping many others with Feisal Alibhai

Feisal resolved his situation through a deep, holistic practice of the fundamentals of living, encompassing eating, moving, sleeping, thinking, and feeling. By understanding how these could be channelled for optimum health and wellbeing, he achieved a full recovery. His unique experiences form the basis of Qineticare’s philosophy and approach.

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feisal’s interview with radio lantau – feb 2018

Feisal was interviewed on Radio Lantau’s Hong Kong 360.

khoja business leaders’ summit – sep 2017

Feisal was interviewed on Radio Lantau’s Hong Kong 360.

the wall street journal live

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hkbio translational cancer research fundraiser

Start securing your health & wellbeing now:

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