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Genomics and Epigenetics Head

Dr. Mickra Hamilton

As the Genomics and Epigenetics Head at Qineticare, Dr. Mickra Hamilton uses a systems-based precision approach to enhance the performance and potential of the human system by leveraging genomic and epigenetic lifestyle strategies along with leading edge research and technologies.

A decorated Colonel retired from the US Air Force, Dr. Hamilton spent 30 years as a Systems Strategist and Human Performance Subject Matter Expert. Leveraging this experience, along with her expertise as a Doctor of Audiology, her personalized approach addresses the physiological, emotional, mental and energetic aspects of the “human system” to enhance our lives, both in how we interact with our internal and external environment, and how this impacts the collective environment.

Dr Hamilton focuses on 4 key areas to optimize and enhance human performance – Nutrition, Supplementation, Sleep, and Athletic Optimization to identify growth opportunities to get the most impactful benefits from the easiest to implement actions, and works with individuals to create actionable strategies to break previous limitations and take their health and wellbeing to the next level. 

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