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8 Steps to Self-Discovery – “The Secret to Elevating Your Performance”

This is week 8 of a 10 week “8 steps to self-discovery” webinar series special, challenging the status quo of health and wellbeing, to show you what you can do to proactively transform your life.

In this session, Feisal and Mickra will discuss what epigenetics is, and how you can use it to your advantage to get more out of life, learn how using your genetic propensities can help you to find the types of exercise, supplements and diet best suited for you, and discover how the use of epigenetics is a more precise way to optimize lifestyle changes compared to virtually all other methods. 

Dr. Mickra Hamilton: As the Genomics and Epigenetics Head at Qineticare, Dr. Mickra uses a systems-based precision approach to enhance the performance and potential of the human system by leveraging genomic and epigenetic lifestyle strategies along with leading edge research and technologies.

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