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Emotions & the Flow of Information

In this session, Feisal and Tomas talk about the emotions that arise from family discussions, how transparency is inevitable, and how soft facts and the stories behind them are the most important to help families succeed.

Tomas Hurcik: Tomas is Co-Founder and CEO of Orca, an intelligent software that gathers data, visualizes it and enables smooth collaboration between the administrator, the asset owners and any third-parties. Tomas has always been attracted to entrepreneurial projects. The initial part of his working life was dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs achieve their vision.

The day his son was born, Tomas decided to become an entrepreneur himself. Orca was born out of a personal use case that he felt strongly about solving. It has blossomed into a business that serves many more industries than he could have originally imagined. Tomas is a strong believer in the power of focus, and seeks to live this in all aspects of his life. His favorite book is “Essentialism: the disciplined pursuit of less” by Greg Mckeown.

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