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Category: Relational


Emotions & the Flow of Information

In this session, Feisal and Tomas talk about the emotions that arise from family discussions, how transparency is inevitable, and how soft facts and the stories behind them are the most important to help families succeed.

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Transition of Wealth

Transition of Wealth

In this webinar, Feisal and Steve discuss what it means to pass inheritance on to the next generation, and what parents can do to protect, manage and grow the wealth.

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Circular Economy Principles

Circular Economy Principles and Family Business and Wealth Ownership

In this session, Feisal, Philip, Iraj, and Kenneth will share what the circular economy is and what are the principles involved, how can families use circular economy principles to support the sustainability of the family and the family business itself, and how do these principles help inform how families prepare the younger generation for their future roles, manage the aging process and risks associated with the older generation, develop meaningful roles for family elders and much more.

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