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How to Create Understanding and Respect Between Generations

In this session, Feisal and Sarah discuss the intergenerational issues right now around values. Younger people care about things that the older generation don’t connect with. This raises the challenge of making those new ideas commercially viable and that’s where family relationships easily break down. To be able to bring together the skills and values of different generations harmoniously is hugely valuable.

About Sarah McCrum: Sarah is an author, educator and business innovator. She has experienced 33 years of personal development, 22 years of training with Chinese Energy Masters and over two decades of coaching business owners and leaders. When the Global Financial Crisis hit in 2008, Sarah found herself writing a series of messages from money (yes, literally). They were beautiful, surprising and intriguing.

These messages turned into a book “Love Money, Money Loves You” that takes individuals into the heart of the world of money, but not into financial systems as they exist on this planet. Rather, it gives an insight into how the money energy operates behind our physical world.

Sarah is also co-Originator of the LOVE TO Group of Companies, a business ecosystem built on the principles in my book. LOVE TO has created a new type of financial product, backed by the value of regenerating and protecting nature and human wellbeing.

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