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Lifetime to Legacy

In this session, Feisal and Nike discuss Nike’s new book “Lifetime to Legacy”, where she explains why it is insufficient to focus on protecting the future of the family enterprise, but to focus instead on creating the family enterprise of the future. Nike explores how to take a family enterprise from lifetime to legacy, how families can better connect, collaborate and create to encourage diversity of thought so they can co-create the businesses of the future.

About Nike Anani: Nike Anani is an international award-winning entrepreneur, succession specialist and a legacy planning expert for future-focused business families. She is on a mission to help businesses move from lifetime to legacy, such that they build family enterprises of the future. She has over a decade of family enterprise expertise as a second generation owner and family office pioneer. Nike is the host of The Connected Generation a top 10 podcast for family enterprises globally. She is co-Founder of African Family Firms, a non-profit community of family enterprises.

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