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Lifetime to Legacy

In this session, Feisal and Nike discuss Nike’s new book “Lifetime to Legacy”, where she explains why it is insufficient to focus on protecting the future of the family enterprise, but to focus instead on creating the family enterprise of the future.

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How to Make a Family Business Last

Family Longevity

In this session, Feisal and Dato Loy Teik Ngan will discuss how to enable rising generations to make their mark, how the family office can support succession, and mistakes made and lessons learned from Dato Loy Teik Ngan’s personal journey.

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Challenges of Next Gen Entrepreneurs

Being Entrepreneurial in the Family Business as a Next Generation

In this session, Feisal, Henry and Johnson will discuss family involvement and expectation of success as a next generation entrepreneur, balancing the competing priorities between new ventures and existing family business, whether it’s possible to be entrepreneurial as a next generation family member, and the challenges of being supported by the family business in new ventures that are not understood.

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