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Stress, Trauma and the Meaning of Life

In this session, Feisal and Dr. Vanessa Wong will discuss what are some new stressors since COVID19, how trauma affects our mental health, and how to find meaning, purpose, and be true to one’s path.

Dr. Vanessa Wong: Dr. Vanessa Wong believes in taking an integrative approach by looking beyond symptoms and identifying root causes, and in doing so treat the person as a whole rather than a cluster of problem.

With over a decade of experience using conventional treatment modalities, she realised there are shortfalls to a “symptom management” approach, and began to explore functional medicine to help her patients who struggle with not only mental health issues, but also physical problems that are now understood to be inherently linked in a mind-body connection.

Dr. Wong studied in England during her formative years and returned to Hong Kong to undertake her medical degree. She completed her specialist training under the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists’ training program, which included general adult, old age, child and adolescent, consultation and liaison, and substance abuse psychiatry. At the same time, she obtained her membership to the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the United Kingdom.

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