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The Gift of Confusion as We Transform

In this webinar, Terri O’Fallon explains what a transformation is and feels like, what the nature of a confusion is, including positive and shadow confusions, and how it relates to our identity.

About Terri O’Fallon: Terri O’Fallon, PhD is an Integral scholar whose research spans 40 years, including eleven research studies conducted in various colleges, public schools, and private research venues. She completed her PhD in Integral Studies, “Learning and change in Human systems”, in 1998 at The California Institute for Integral Studies and having masters degrees in Spiritual Direction and Special Education. These embodied experiences inform her primary theory, research, and teaching theme: growing up is waking up throughout the lifespan.

Her most recent theory, and the culmination of a lifetime of work, is the STAGES model of human development. STAGES integrates several developmental models and is informed by Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and Terri’s own research, to form a robust and predictive map that is being used by numerous scholars, practitioners, and leaders throughout the world.

Terri’s theory and research are founded in a passionate practice of auspicious curiosity, learning, and marinating in life. Her interest in life span development naturally arose from her experience in the field of education.

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