why qineticare?

We manage the health and wellbeing of families—physical, mental, emotional, and relational—across geographies and generations.

What is a family health office?

To preserve their wealth, many wealthy families operate a family office with a dedicated team that oversees the family’s financial and personal affairs.

A family office provides unbiased, objective advice, while coordinating with other professionals to support the family’s wealth strategy.

We do what a family office does, but for health.

“I deeply appreciate having Qineticare as a true advocate for the health and wellbeing of my family.”

a powerful multi-dimensional approach

Exponentially improve the quality of your life and the security of your legacy with the Qineticare three-pillar approach.

PERSONALISED care for the whole you: built on over a decade of service.

Initially set up to service Feisal’s immediate and extended family, Qineticare is now an established multifamily health office and proven center of excellence. Our model of a multifamily health office is unique.

The foundation of any family is health and wellbeing. Three pillars complement each other, providing structural strength for family longevity and generational continuity. These pillars are: Medical, Beyond Medical, and Family Dynamics.

Each pillar represents a core aspect of an individual’s health. The vital data provided in conjunction with each of these three pillars allows for an unprecedented level of visibility of the family’s overall health.

This visibility enables us to assess and advise to mitigate risk, while providing opportunities for improving quality of life. It also allows expert medical practitioners and specialists in wellbeing to support the entire family’s overarching goals.

“We are thrilled with the first-class service and exceptional results!”

the value of being prepared

Through one advocate, one trusted team, and one point of contact, we help your entire family ensure its collective wellbeing and peace of mind.

How prepared are you? Questions to ask yourself.

What is hiding in your genes?

40% of the global population is genetically predisposed to serious illness.

At Qineticare, we help your family navigate health risks and realities through:

  • UNDERSTANDING the medical histories, lifestyle habits, and relational dynamics of each family member. Having complete visibility of risks and opportunities results in independent and proactive advice for the entire family.
  • SUPPORT of a world-class team of medical and wellbeing experts who are your advocates to make the most out of life.
  • DISCOVERY of new possibilities by engaging cutting-edge functional and integrative medicine as well as the ancient wisdom of healing arts.

Are you sweeping something under the rug?

45% of the general population face an unexpected health crisis by the age of 60 or above.

At Qineticare, we understand how low energy levels and lack of self-care could add up over time to create a health crisis. In order to prevent future illness, we help you:

  • REVITALIZE your fundamentals of living—eating, moving, sleeping, thinking, and feeling—to help prevent future illness.
  • CREATE a personalised care plan based on proactive care management and backed by renowned medical professionals.
  • REWIRE established thinking and patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you and your relationships.


9% of families successfully transition from 2nd to 3rd generation.

At Qineticare, we help you create healthy family dynamics for generational continuity:

  • ESTABLISH a clear, long-term vision for the family, with improved connectivity and a single focus for generational continuity.
  • COMMUNICATE with authenticity and heartfelt sharing, with no judgment, no expectations, and no impositions.
  • NAVIGATE transition through every stage of life with objective world-class support that is customized to your family’s unique needs.

Plans for every stage of life.

Sustaining future generations starts with caring for the health & wellbeing of your family now.

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